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Independent London Escort wants some chocolate

Actually I prefer to be the Goddess Eostre instead of the Easter Bunny. She is the virgin :) Goddess of spring, but Im not sure about the virgin part though :P being pampered, spoilt and looked after by you is the biggest pleasure in the world.

I wish u loads of chocolate and ME ;)
YOUR Sexy CityGirl

GFE-The Hottest Golf Partner-Travel Companion-SwingER EC4-Sexiest Female Golfer

Its ME :) your new SEXY Golf Partner Hazel in London, Im new in this game I just started to take lessons about a month ago and Im loving it

Im so excited about learning golf and honestly did not like the game until recently :P
Now, I got a pro teaching me the basics, working on my swing, tee shots, chippings I find it quite difficult and it is definitely not as easy as it looksbut loads of fun ;) I have been told my grip was ok, my posture was sexy ;) and my swing was improving :P
Today I was on the internet looking for some golf information and came across golf sexual innuendos :) I know now why u guys love golf :P it has the Hottest Dirty Talk

Keep your head down and spread your legs a bit more
Mind if I join your threesome? I enjoy threesomes ;) FFM, FMM
Stand with your back turned and drop it
I’m scared of getting wet, but i’m going for the hole anyways!

The Perfect Holiday Companion CityGirlHazel

Last weekend was amazing Amsterdam with close friends was a great fun ;) Did you know that Amsterdams nickname is Mokum? The Yiddish word for place or safe haven. I can assure you that the city has a big selection of pleasures and definitely safe to explore

As you know I love to visit art galleries and Im interested in paintings without a doubt ;) our first stop was The museum contains the largest collection of his paintings in the world and it was a unique experience to see them esp. Almond Blossom.