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Independent EC4 Escort Hazel Visits Anish Kapoor in Hyde Park

It was a very cloudy day, but the C-curve still managed to pull me into my surroundings and and he turned my World Upside Down I love reflections of nature especially when Im in it ;) By the way, my curves look better ;) theyre in all the right places..

Okey lets be serious ;) The Anish Kapoor exhibition is taking over Kensington Gardens. The gardens largest ever exhibition dedicated to a single artist, the show features large scale sculpture, on display together in public for the first time in London. Art of Seduction is in EC4 :)

Four sculptures in this exhibition and the smaller red circle can then be seen peeping over the slope from the Round Pond, and opposite it is the enormous, satellite-dish-like concave mirror. The symmetry is very pleasing, and then to the right and left of the view of the red disc you can see ‘non-object (spire)’ and between the trees the shiny bits of sky reflected in the ‘C-curve’ which is the largest piece is one of two called Sky Mirror, 10 metres in diameter and was previously seen at the Rockefeller Center in New York. But The Best One of All Independent Escort Hazel in EC4, London

The artist’s intention was to make the sculptures as much of a marriage between the synthetic and the organic as possible, a kind of man-made natural object which, when viewed in this outdoor context, only serves to show us the sky, the woodland and, depending on the angle, ourselves. The small, snuffling dogs which, dropped from their owners’ arms in favour of an exhibition map, wound their leashes around our legs, would occasionally approach the concave or convex reflections with interest, while the large, circular red dish in the Round Pond is often partially obscured by gliding swans, cooly ignoring their own beauty. There weren’t any boundaries being smashed here, in other words, but this is unlikely to be the work’s intent in any case. Rather, this is art for the masses – including those masses on four legs, or those with webbed feet – and is simply designed with unobtrusive beauty in mind Art Wednesday

Anish Kapoors Turning the World Upside Down will remain in Kesington Gardens until the 13th March 2011.

I will remain in EC4 for a while and have many mirrors in my bedroom ;) if you want to see call Hazel