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Hello, I am Hazel Independent London Escort based in the City Of London, EC4 area.
A playful Mediterranean Goddess with sparkling brown eyes and a warm, inviting smile I am blessed with natural 34DD, 5 feet 7 inches tall with curves in all the right places. I am a super sexy woman with silky smooth skin and I have a very tight and toned feminine body, which I maintain through regular visits to the gym.
I am able to entertain you in my luxury apartment in EC4 area or visit you anywhere in London or worldwide. Call me on 07779276945

All requests for appointments are subject to verification so please be prepared to answer a few questions intended to establish that you are a true gentleman I will feel safe to meet.

All requests for appointments are subject to verification so please be prepared to answer a few questions intended to establish that you are a true gentleman I will feel safe to meet. I am not going to divulge any personal information you give me and it will be discarded immediately. Both of us have a personal life, hence it is in my best interest to respect your wish for privacy. I would like to put the business aspect of the encounter to the side as soon as possible so we can enjoy our time together.

Please be prepared for this scenario as it happens quite often. And again please do not discuss the amount and never attempt to negotiate. Inform yourself about my rates and please be respectful of my time.

Be respectful period and always a gentlemen.You will be appreciated and generously rewarded for it.

Hazel XXX

If you would like to make a Booking please send me an email or call me on 07779276945 and please note that I do not answer anonymous calls with withheld numbers

I am available during the weekdays from 12am to 10pm.

If you wish to make a booking for Saturday or Sunday, please inform me in advance and confirm it on Friday.

10 Most Popular Places to Have Sex, London Independent Escort Hazel

The 10 Most Popular Places to Have SexBesides Your Bedroom!

1*** MY BEDROOM: 100% :)
1. In the shower or bathtub: 82% done that! ;)
2. In a car: 80% been there
3. In your childhood bedroom: 65% done that ;)
4. In the pool or a body of water: 54% OHH!! yes :)
5. In the woods: 49% been there ;)
6. On the kitchen table: 48% done that!
7. At a park: 42% yes.
8. In a tent: 37% .
9. In your parents bedroom: 34%
10. In the laundry room: 29% I dont have a laundry room, LOL
lets have fun n experience kinky time together

What do you think about the Van Gogh and Gauguins list? When they were in Arles working together, they had a some kind of discipline on their spending, with a shared pretty-cash box and a list of necessary expenses, headed by such essentials as visits to the brothel and tobacco. I would have been definetely on their list as well MEET CITYGIRLHAZEL FOR A SEXY DINNER DATE :)

Second stop was (Handboogstraat 29, off Singel) – made famous by George Clooney and Brad Pitt in Oceans 12. We chatted with fellow guests in the marijuana clouds for awhile with an uncontrollable laughing without any reason or with reasons :P Nevermind Then you just want to eat :) food

We spent the rest of the evening wandering around Amsterdam’s famous red light district, spotting regal swans floating on canals lit up by neon night lights, watched a live sex show and finally we tasted an evening of music and art in a swanky nightclub where the bathroom doubles as the smoking room

Sunday was more relaxed, a late breakfast followed by a canal tour. Did you know that there are 165 canals, 1281 bridges in Amsterdam and 600,000 bicycles but they are ugly and as old as the hills

And 1,215 cafés and bars, 36 Dance clubs. Can you guess why? LOL

I LOVE Amsterdam, it has a wonderful atmosphere. Would be a great pleasure to revisit the city because it is safe, entertaining, and unforgettable, just like me ;) As I am The Perfect Holiday Companion Hazel, just give me a call 0777276945 to arrange a weekend break together ;)